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In Summer, air conditioners help you keep cool and comfortable at your home or office. Due to various factors contributing to the global warming, nowadays air conditioners are becoming a necessity in many households and offices. An air conditioner is also said to be HVAC that stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning appliance, and helps in maintaining suitable humidity and proper ventilation. An air conditioner also filters dust, soot and other microorganisms from the outside air in order to create a healthy ambience for you.
There are several types of air conditioners available online. But which air conditioner to use depends upon a number of factors such as, the size of the area that has to be cooled and the total heat generated inside the enclosed area. The most common types of air conditioners that you can buy online include the following:
Split air conditioners comprise of outdoor and indoor units. The outdoor unit, installed outside the building, houses components like the compressor, condenser, fan and expansion valve. This helps in reducing the noise. The indoor unit accommodates the evaporator or cooling coil and the cooling fan. These kinds of air conditioners are cost-effective and do not require any major installation work.
Window air conditioners are one of the most commonly used air conditioners and can easily fit in a window frame or a slot made in the wall. Comprising of a compressor, condenser, expansion valve or coil, evaporator and cooling coil, all enclosed in a single box, window air conditioners provide cool air inside a room and absorbs the heat. In these kinds of air conditioners you need to clean the air filters on a regular basis. Window air conditioners also come with anti-bacterial filters, cooling and heating functions, dehumidification functions and dust filters.
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Sale Onida  1.5 Ton 5 Star Power Grill Window AC
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The Onida 1.5 Ton 5 Star W185PGL Power Flat Window Air Conditioner is the perfect air conditioner fo.....

Sale Onida  1.5 Ton 5 Star Trendy Nova Split AC
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MODELTRENDY NOVA - SA183TDNRated Cooling Capacity (Watts)5140Rated Cooling Capacity (Btu/hr)18000Ton.....

Sale Onida 1.5 Ton Gusto 3 Star Split AC
Rs.36,590 Rs.29,299 20% OFF

MODELGUSTO - SA183GSORated Cooling Capacity (Watts)5140Rated Cooling Capacity (Btu/hr)18000Tonnage1......

Sale Onida 1.5 Ton Trendy Plus 3 Star Split AC
Rs.35,990 Rs.28,399 21% OFF

MODELTRENDY NOVA - SA183TDNRated Cooling Capacity (Watts)5140Rated Cooling Capacity (Btu/hr)18000Ton.....

Sale Onida Split AC 1.5 Ton Trendy Nova 3 Star Split AC
Rs.36,590 Rs.29,299 20% OFF

MODELTRENDY NOVA - SA183TDNRated Cooling Capacity (Watts)5140Rated Cooling Capacity (Btu/hr)18000Ton.....

Sale Onida WA183TRC 1.5 Ton 3 Star Tracy Window AC
Rs.32,694 Rs.23,990 27% OFF

Rated Cooling Capacity (Watts) - 5125Power Consumption (Watts) - 1725IDU Air Flow High (CFM) - 424ID.....

Sale Onida 1.5 Ton 3 Star Grandeur SA183GDR Split AC
Rs.36,390 Rs.28,999 20% OFF

Onida GRANDEUR SA183GDR 1.5 Ton Split AC is affordable choice for anyone looking for a quiet and eff.....

Sale Onida 1.5 Ton REGALIO-INV18RGO Split AC
Rs.55,990 Rs.42,699 24% OFF

The Onida REGALIO INV18RGO 1.5 Ton Split AC is one among the inverters ACs offered by Onida that com.....