Hand Blenders

Hand Blenders

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Whether it is a smoothie, a smooth omelette batter or frothed milk for your favourite coffee-based drink, a hand blender is an indispensable tool in the kitchen that helps you quickly blend liquids and batter without any hassles. From manually-operated ones to powerful motor-based models, find a great selection of hand blenders on Deal Kya Hai? for your everyday use.

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Mix dough for chapatis and parathas or make your favourite beverages such as lassi, buttermilk, milkshakes, cold coffee and more with ease using a fully hand blender. These devices feature a long handle with an electric motor that powers the rotating blades at the end. Extremely handy and ergonomic, hand blenders are a great solution when you want to quickly blend foods without having to transfer the contents to a food processor or mixer grinder. Shop for hand blenders from Philips and other leading brands on Deal Kya Hai? and experience the convenience and portability of this tool.
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Sale Philips Daily Collection HR1604 550-Watt Steel Rod Hand Blender (White)
Rs.2,995 Rs.2,510 16% OFF

The Philips Daily Collection Hand blender combines 550 watt power with an uniquely designed blending.....