Philips All-in-one Multigrooming Kit QG3389/15
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Philips All-in-one Multigrooming Kit QG3389/15

Brand: Philips

Product Code: QG3389

Availability: 2 - 3 Days

Key Features:
  • Full size trimmer
  • Battery Indicator
  • Fully waterproof
  • 50 mins of Cordless Usage

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Full Size Trimmer

This All-in-One groomer by Philips helps you in giving a superb style to your beard. It consists of a full size trimmer, with which you can not only trim your beard with utmost perfection but you can also give fine lines on the edge of your beard.

Extra Wide Hair Clipper

QG3389/15 comes with a 41 mm highly efficient hair clipper that has been designed to give you an even haircut in very less time. With this Extra Wide Hair Clipper, you can quickly give a perfect shape and size to your hair.

Body Groom Shaver

The body groom shaver in QG3389/15 helps you in convenient trimming and shaving of any area below the neck. It gently eliminates the hair from your body keeping the skin soft and smooth. The shaver head is made up of the Hypo-Allergenic Foil that makes a splendid trimming and shaving without harming your skin in any way. Moreover, the head also consists of the rounded tips that help it in reaching to the hard-to-reach areas of the body with utmost convenience.

Beard & Moustache Comb

QG3389/15 comes with a beard and moustache comb with 18 length settings. With this comb, you can keep your beard and moustache perfectly trimmed. You can easily choose your preferred length setting with the difference of 1 mm between each length settings.

Hair Clipping Comb

It also consists of a hair clipping comb, which consists of 18 length settings. Therefore it enables you in selecting your desired length between 3 mm to 20 mm with the difference of 1 mm between each length. The hair clipping comb helps you in giving a superb style to your hair.

Body Trimming Comb

There is a 10 length settings body grooming comb along with the QG3389/15 by Philips. Therefore, you can select your desired length settings on the comb in order to give a close cut trimming to the hair on your body.

Skin Friendly Trimmer Blades

This body groomer by Philips consists of Chromium Steel blades that are skin friendly. It takes complete care of the sensitive areas of your skin, giving you a perfect grooming experience. The heat-treated precision blades come with rounded tips and combs, which eliminates the hair smoothly from even the curved areas of your body without harming your skin in any way. Moreover, the blades are self-sharpening which are meant to give a consistent and long lasting performance.

Turbo Power Boost

QG3389/15 also comes with a Turbo Power Button that gives you an enhanced hair cutting experience. The Turbo Power Button is meant to almost double the hair cutting speed when compared to the regular groomer of Philips. With its superfast speed, the Turbo Power Button cuts even the thickest hair with utmost perfection.

Fully Water Proof

QG3389/15 is 100 per cent water proof groomer that enables you in trimming and shaving in both dry as well as wet conditions. You can safely use it even under the shower. Apart from this, as it is water proof, you can conveniently clean it putting the groomer under the running water.

Dual Voltage System

This Head-to-Toe groomer by Philips supports the Dual Voltage System, which makes a hassle free operation of the groomer even in a foreign country. In other words, supporting the Dual Voltage System, this multi-groomer operates well in 110 Voltage Systems as well as in 240 Voltage Systems. You wont need a transformer for converting the current. It adjusts to the higher current system in the other countries automatically. Therefore, you can always carry your multi-groomer to keep yourself groomed.

Powerful Battery

This All-in-One groomer by Philips can be used along with the cord and also without the cord. This Head-to-Toe groomer uses a powerful and highly efficient battery that enables you in its convenient usage. When fully charged for 1 hour, the QG3389/15 gives you a running time of approximately 50 minutes. Moreover, just 5 minutes of charging gives you one complete trimming session. Therefore, the battery in this multi-groomer helps you in giving yourself a completely groomed looks and that too in very less time.

Light Indicator

QG3389/15 also consists of a light indicator, which keeps you informed about the status of the battery. When fully charged it indicates with a green light and when running low on the battery it indicates with an orange light. Therefore, with this battery indicator you can easily make out when you need to put your multi-groomer on charging.

Cleaning Brush Yes
Storage Pouch Yes
Create the look you want
Bodygroom/Hairclipping/Facial Detailed styling,Sharp lines,Short beard,Stubble look,Long beard,Moustache,Goatee
Number Of Attachments/combs 3 attachments & 3 combs
Number Of Length Settings 46 integrated length settings
Styling Tools Full size trimmer,18-setting beard comb,18-setting hairclipper comb,10-setting body comb,Bodygroomer,Hairclipper
Color Brushed metal and LED panel
Ease of use
Wet & Dry Shower use and easy cleaning
Automatic Voltage 100-240 V
Battery Status Indicator Yes
Charging 1 hour
Quick Charge 5 minutes
Run Time 50 minutes
Turbo Power Yes
2-year Guarantee Yes
No Oil Needed Yes
Self Sharpening Blades Yes

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