Philips QG3347/15 All in One Face & Head Styling Multi Groom Series Grooming Kit For Men (Black, Orange) (Unboxed)
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Philips QG3347/15 All in One Face & Head Styling Multi Groom Series Grooming Kit For Men (Black, Orange) (Unboxed)

Brand: Philips

Product Code: QG3347/15-UB

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Key Features:
  • Only Seal Open
  • Detail Foil Shaver
  • Easily Washable
  • 21mm detail trimmer for fine lines
  • Dont Worry about Nicks and Cuts

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Full Size Trimmer

QG3347/15 comes along with a full sized trimmer, with which you can give a perfect shape and size to your beard. You can give the finishing to the edge of your beard or can create fine stubble to get an enhanced look.

Detail Trimmer

The Detail Trimmer helps you in creating the fine line on the edge of your beard and moustache with utmost convenience and perfection. Therefore, with the Detail Trimmer in QG3347/15 you can always wear your own defined style on your face.

Detail Foil Shaver

QG3347/15 consists of a Detail Foil Shaver, which is meant to do a perfect finishing once you are done with trimming your beard. It adds a clean and polished look to your face in very less time.

Beard & Moustache Comb

Use the beard and the moustache comb on the full size trimmer and you can easily keep your beard and moustache in perfect shape and size. You can easily select from any of the 18 settings that the beard and moustache comb in QG3347/15 offers.

Stubble Comb

The stubble comb in QG3347/15 enables you in creating nice stubble or a 3 day shave instantly. The stubble comb offers 12 length settings, which helps you in giving a fine cut to your beard. You are free to choose your desired settings with a difference of 1 mm in between every different length settings.

Hair Clipping Comb

QG3347/15 also comes along with a hair clipping comb that offers 18 different length settings. Therefore, you can easily select your desired settings to cut your hair. You can choose the settings in anywhere between 3 mm to 20 mm with the difference of 1 mm between each length settings.

Skin Friendly Trimmer Blades

QG3347/15 consists of the highly efficient skin friendly trimmer blades that are meant to give you an enhanced and smooth trimming experience. These are Chromium Steel blades that give a fine cut to your hair and beard, taking complete care of the skin. Moreover, the QG3347/15 consists of the heat-treated precision blades that have been designed with the rounded tips. It helps the blade in gliding smoothly on even the curved areas of your face. In addition to this, these are self-sharpening blades that need not be sharpened at regular intervals. It gets self-sharpened and therefore, results in an optimum performance throughout.

Powerful Battery

QG3347/15 is a Face and Head groomer by Philips that can be used with the power cord and also without the cord. The highly efficient rechargeable battery in this multi-groomer helps you in an instant grooming anytime and anywhere. You just have to fully charge the battery for 10 hours and then it gives you 35 minutes of the running time. Therefore, you can conveniently carry along this groomer, to keep yourself always groomed.

Fully Water Proof

QG3347/15 is a fully water proof multi-groomer that can be used to trim your hair and beard not only in dry conditions but even in wet conditions. You can safely use this multi-trimmer by Philips even under the shower. Moreover, you can very easily clean it instantly, every time after having used the trimmer. Put it under the running water and it gets easily cleaned.

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