Portable Speakers

Portable Speakers

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Carry your music and sound accessories when you travel, either within a city or go outside. There is no need to take your bulky and cumbersome speakers when you want to unwind in a place away from your workstation. Just take your mobile device or the laptop and a set of portable speakers that easily fit into your music devices.
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Brands Available
We sell only Philips Brand Portable & Bluetooth Speakers in this category. Portable speakers are meant for those who want to enjoy music on the go but are uncomfortable with the idea of putting headphones on. There are also artists who use this accessory to share their music with a small audience.
Price Range
Depending upon the functionality of the various brands, the price ranges from a couple of thousands to more than one lakh rupees.
Product Features
Most portable speakers are tiny; they will fit in the palm of your hand. They are shaped in attractive forms - spherical, oval, helical or any other form.
If you are buying your favourite speaker, then make sure that it is chargeable and has a charging cord attached to it. Since these speakers are detachable and do not necessarily have wire connections with your mobile device or the laptop, they will continue to drain charge while in use. Some speakers have USB ports and LED indicators. These indicators give information on the level of the charge left in the device.
You may consider buying your portable speakers having Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with FM radio and AUX ports. Some of these machines have memory card slots too. If you are a music lover, then you might consider buying music cards from music companies while purchasing portable speakers.
In that case, look out for any special discounts. Look for online reviews of the various brands before making your purchase.


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Sale Philips BT100W/37 Wireless Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker (White)
Rs.2,499 Rs.2,067 17% OFF

Keep your tunes close. Go anywhere compactness meets great sound and a range of colors. Comb.....

Sale Philips BT64B/94 Portable Bluetooth Mobile/Tablet Speaker  (Black, 1 Channel)
Rs.1,999 Rs.1,699 15% OFF

Keep your tunes close Bluetooth Micro SD, FM Rechargeable battery Black Works wit.....

Sale Philips MMS2140B Compact Home Audio Speakers Black, 2.1 Channel with BT, USB, FM, AUX
Rs.5,590 Rs.4,699 16% OFF

Music, movies & entertainment Bluetooth USB Direct for easy MP3 music playback Thanks to .....

Sale Philips MMS2141B Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker  (Black, 2.1 Channel)
Rs.5,990 Rs.5,119 15% OFF

Music, movies & entertainment With 40W sound output and bluetooth connectivity, these integ.....

Sale Philips Multimedia Speakers 2.0 SPA1260/12
Rs.1,499 Rs.1,349 10% OFF

For any music buff, the complete music experience depends on the quality of the speakers as well. Lo.....

Sale Philips SBA3011GRN/00 Portable Mobile/Tablet Speaker  (Green, 1 Channel)
Rs.1,999 Rs.1,678 16% OFF

Portable speakers Highly useful for home entertainment or even sometimes for office presentatio.....

Sale Philips SPA60 2.0 Computer Speaker Red
Rs.959 Rs.792 17% OFF

Highly portable, the funky red 2.0 channel Philips IN-SPA60R/94-RD Computer Speaker system enterta.....

Sale Philips BT100B/00 Wireless Portable Speakers (black)
Rs.2,499 Rs.2,067 17% OFF

Keep your tunes close Bluetooth® Built-in microphone for calls Rechargeable battery 2W .....